Football season is approaching, which for my household, means this is when my husband yells at inanimate objects, I get caught up on work while pretending to watch the TV, and there is usually a fantastic 7 layer dip involved. (Chris' favorite). 

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But what is my favorite faking-watching-football snack? I LOVE sticky Chex mix. Most people associate this with Christmas and the surrounding holidays - but to me it is a super bowl snack. Super bowl = football. Football = sticky mix. Sticky mix = happy wife. Happy wife = happy life, right?? 

Okay - but really. Have you had this stuff? It should really have a name that is more conducive to how addicting it is. This is why I don't make it on a regular basis. I have no self control. I would sit and eat this until I fell over sick. So it has become a Super Bowl tradition - and we'll keep it at that. 

But I wanted to share this amazing recipe with you. And who to do it better than Cooking Classy? This blog is so well done and her recipe/instructions are perfect. Click on over and take a peek!   

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