I love back to school season. School supplies, clothes shopping, one last chance of vacation before summer ends. But  let's just focus on school supplies. I love them. I love fun pens, color coordinated office supplies, post it notes....don't even get me started. 

So I thought I would share some of the wonderful notebooks I have come across as I have been doing some searching. It doesn't matter what time of year it is - everyone deserves a pretty notebook. 

1) Modcloth's Full of Wander notebook. 

I love the coloring on this one, as well as the hot air balloons. It's textured, spineless, and definitely one to snag!

2. Modcloth's Love Sew No Bounds Notebook

Okay, how cute are these?? My mom sews, and I can't tell you how often I looked through boxes of patterns that looked just like these. Hope she doesn't see this post, because it might spoil a gift giving opportunity. And you get THREE of them in a set. One for me and both of my mothers! Perfect, perfect, perfect!


You will quickly learn that I adore hedgehogs. Not sure why, but I think they are fantastic. I saw this notebook and fell in love with it! 

It has the perfect colors of fall and just shouts cozy!

4. Lemoncherry's Shabby Chic birdcage notebook

Where was this when I got married? This would have been a beautiful gift for the mothers or my maid of honor. They are perfectly vintage! (Have you ever had a notebook so pretty that you didn't want to write in it?)

Bird cage.jpg

5. Mochithings.com's Large Blossom Notebooks

These little beauties come in six different styles. You can pick from the Dahlia, Forget-me-Not, Hydrangea, Lily, Poppy, or the classic Rose. They are 8.3" tall x 5.5" wide. Great size for massive note taking! (or doodling)


Do you have a favorite notebook brand or style? What about school supply? What is your favorite?

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