Sometimes I really amuse myself. Let me tell you how this happened today...

So I was getting my Halloween decorations out so my daughters and I could decorate. I'm carefully unwrapping the decorations and setting them on the table so we could decide where to put which decorations. (Of course the girls found the fake spider webs and were already draping them all over the front door by this point...) 

I reach into our big black candy cauldron and pull out one of my ceramic jack-o-lanterns. I have a set of two that I bought at a craft stores eons ago. One is tall and skinny and the other is round and, well, round. But what caught my attention was that my little round pumpkin was wrapped in plastic wrap with a note attached to it. Huh??

It was a note to myself that said, "Dear Kristen, I broke this pumpkin packing it up last year, but couldn't find my super glue. Please fix. Thanks, Kristen." 

I obviously didn't get my Halloween decorations out last year (we used Chris') and I had completely forgot that it was broken - or that I was such a dork and wrote myself a letter. 

But - now it is fixed! You can still see the crack on it - but from on top of the piano where it now sits, you can't even see it!! YAY!

Have you ever done anything like this? Written yourself a note? Left yourself money in your winter coat so you'd find the surprise the next year? Do you send yourself texts to remind yourself to do things? Tell me, tell me!

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